Photo by me

The cold sheets, children’s laughs, and vehicle noises woke me up on a gloomy morning. Our window was half-open, giving me a glimpse of the view outside from my bed. Still groggy, I decided to open my laptop and scroll around my social media accounts. It feels great chilling in the morning, with the cold breeze passing by, but my body feels warm, and the people outside are having fun despite the dim weather. It actually looks like heavy rain was coming. I went along with my day and did my usual routine. My feet draw me down the sidewalk…

Photo by Isabel Mecaller

I now hate mornings. Most people get off their beds, ready to sip their coffee then listen to the background noise of nature while staring at their plants, but I find agony from the moment sunlight blinds my eyes.

This pandemic made me hate mornings. I still remember my pre-pandemic life; going to school was a pain in the ass, but it has an unexplainable warmth it gives. Despite the need to wake up an hour earlier than my first subject’s time, it emits energy and motivation, like you’re looking forward to that day.

Before, I usually get up around…

Photo was taken during my Junior High School days.

I’ve been fighting a battle, a monster, worst than any villain in a movie. It will eat you up, feel you dead, and make you wish you were never here in this land. I think everyone is with me because our greatest enemy is ourselves.

I remember spending a significant portion of my Senior High school trying to get my life together. Junior high school was tough for me. I was insecure for a long time and pretentious so that people will like me. I was trying to fit in so I wouldn’t get nitpicked by a group of people…

Screencap from Sex Education’s Season 2, Episode 7

One Netflix Day:

I was just scrolling around Netflix, finding the perfect show to watch until I stumble upon Sex Education. Not going to lie; the title caught my attention. I became curious, and to my surprise, the show was educational, relatable, and unique.

“It’s just a stupid bus.” That iconic line from Sex Education is simple yet powerful. I still remember hearing that line on that particular scene; instead of triggering an unfortunate event, it gave me so much comfort.

Behind that line is the story of Aimee, who was once sexually assaulted on the bus. Traumatized by the…

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